Wonthaggi Workmens Club

URBN Group and TMDG are revitalizing Wonthaggi Workmens Club, blending modern amenities with 1870s charm.

Undertaking the revitalization of the Wonthaggi Workmens Club, URBN Group partnered with TMDG to breathe new life into the beloved venue. 

This ambitious project encompasses a range of enhancements including crafting an inviting cocktail lounge, installing cutting-edge kitchen facilities and a stylish bar, with every aspect of the project reflecting our commitment to excellence. 

With a nod to the town’s mining heritage, the design embraces an old-money aesthetic, channeling the timeless charm of the 1870s. 

This project serves as a testament to our proficiency in seamlessly executing complex renovations, enriching the fabric of the community while honoring its storied past.


Wonthaggi Workmens Club


Wonthaggi Workmens Club

Principal Consultant

TMDG Architects