WAC Community Centre

URBN Group's collaboration with local elders brings the Wathaurong Geelong Youth Hub to life, honoring Aboriginal heritage.

The Wathaurong Geelong Youth Hub is a beacon of support for the local Aboriginal community, offering a blend of education and community assistance within a nurturing environment. 

This innovative facility boasts a variety of spaces designed for learning, counseling, and communal interaction, all constructed with an emphasis on privacy and acoustic management. 

Internally the project features a new centralised learning zone with play area, four sound proof counseling rooms, computer lab, two meeting room, breakout space, new reception, locker space new kitchen, a disabled bathroom and upgrade to the exiting amenities.

Externally, the hub encourages cultural engagement and outdoor activities, thoughtfully incorporating elements that honour Aboriginal heritage. The newly conceptualised landscape flourishes with features designed for both cultural recognition and recreation: a spacious outdoor deck for gatherings, a designated BBQ area, custom-crafted timber seating, and a basketball court.

URBN Group’s respectful collaboration with local elders and efficient execution within a live environment ensured the project’s success, minimising disruption while enhancing community ties.


WAC Community Centre


Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative 

Principal Consultant

Merit Design


April 2023 – November 2023

Delivery Method

Design and Construct