Lovely Banks Cottage Restoration

Preserving history through meticulous heritage restoration and revitalisation.

The Barwon Water Cottage in Lovely Banks, originally built in 1869, recently underwent a meticulous restoration by URBN™.

This Victorian-style gem, with its charming gable roofs, unpainted brick chimneys, and timber-framed windows, is set for a stunning transformation. Our team was dedicated to preserving its unique historical features while revitalising the structure, ensuring this heritage caretaker’s cottage remains a beautiful part of our history for generations to come.

We were honoured to bring our heritage restoration expertise to this project, maintaining the craftsmanship of the past while breathing new life into this historical treasure.


Lovely Banks Cottage Restoration


Barwon Water

Principal Consultant

Balance Architecture & Interior Design


May 2024 – June 2024

Delivery Method

Fixed Lump Sum