Escape Hatch Bookstore

A new chapter for Kew: Crafting an inviting, creative space for exploration and leisure.

URBN Group is thrilled to partner with Escape Hatch Books for the fit-out of their Kew location. 

This project focuses on creating a dynamic space that blends learning and leisure, embodying the bookstore’s commitment to fostering exploration and creativity. 

Our expertise in retail fit-outs ensures the development of a welcoming, imaginative environment with custom shelving, comfortable seating, and sustainable materials. By integrating areas for books and refreshments, we aim to create a community hub that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

URBN Group is dedicated to delivering a high-quality, engaging space that invites and inspires every visitor.


Escape Hatch Bookstore


Escape Hatch Books

Principal Consultant

Ewert Leaf

Delivery Method

Fixed Lump Sum